Whatsapp 6 new features Coming Soon

Tech News Today – Whatsapp an instant messaging app, used by the millions coming soon with its 6 new features. Whatsapp Updating its features continuously. Whatsapp testing these features with a limited user in beta mode. After the completion of testing these feature rolled out for all the users. The whatsapp 6 new features will makes it more interesting.

whatsapp 6 new features

A list of Whatsapp 6 new features which are coming soon

1. Messages Recall Feature – This feature tested in the beta mode. The feature of message recall means You can recall your sent message within few seconds. Sometimes we send the wrong message to our friend which we are sending someone else and after sending this you realize it this is the wrong person you send it. This recall feature will help you in this situation, it will give you 30 seconds for recalling your sent message.

whatsapp 6 new features live location

2. Live Location Sharing – This new WhatsApp feature is for IOS beta users and still not rolled out all over. This live location sharing feature will help you to share your exact location with your friends and family for 1 second, 2 seconds and for some few seconds.

3. Edit sent messages – This feature will help you to edit your sent messages instead of recalling the messages. This will help you to correct your mistakes of typing and spelling. Edit your sent messages and save yourself from some embarrassing situations.

4. YouTube Integration with the App – This feature recently found in the IOS beta mode. This will help you to watch the YouTube videos without leaving the App. The integration of YouTube videos makes it more interesting for us.

5. UPI based Money Transactions – In India, whatsapp is trying to integrate with the government for the UPI Payments. Unified Payment whatsapp 6 new features Interface will help the users to transfer their money with any trouble by using WhatsApp only.

6. Number Change Notification Send to all Contacts – Earlier this year, there is a report that For windows there is a feature of number change notification. When a user changes its number the WhatsApp send all the user notification which will give them your new contact number.

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