How to Use DSLR as Webcam step by step guide

For Nikon and Canon DSLR

“Use your DSLR in a New way”

How To – Our PC’s don’t come with the option of build-in-camera options and some of the laptops also don’t have that option. So for that purpose, the external web cam and the configuration is required to use the webcam. There is one more option to use DSLR as the webcam. This also one more advantage using DSLR as the webcam, the quality of  video is looks good.

There is a software named SparkoCam who comes with the easy configuration. We can easily turn our DSLR as the webcam. This spark came software used for the Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Now its easy to use DSLR as Webcam.

Now, Steps to use DSLR as Webcam

#Step 1: Download and install Sparkocam software

  • Download the sparkcam software and run sparkocam setup.exe
  • Follow all the installations steps and complete the process of installation.

#Step 2: Then, connect DSLR with the PC using USB cable

#Step 3: After connecting your camera turn on the camera

  • When a camera has connected a tray or pop-up window shows which recognize that new devices are connected to your PC.

#Step 4: Now open sparkocam software

  • Select the camera type of you to have Nikon DSLR select Nikon and if you have canon select canon.

#Step 5: Choose the Sparkocam virtual webcam

  • Now configure it to use it as the Video cam.

As the DSLR of canon and Nikon don’t provide to function of using their microphones, an external or inbuild microphone have to be used.

Wrap up-

This is all about the use of DSLR as the webcam. A process to use your DSLR in a new way. For more tricks and updates. Stay tuned with us. Comment your opinion that is this article is useful for your or not. Your opinion is important for us.

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