The wine Dispenses Handbag Amazing Creation

The handbag which dispenses wine, don’t you think this is an amazing creation. I would love to share this handbag’s information with you. Someone went and created this handbag which has the wine dispenser, good experience with this handbag.

I like the few things like clothes, chocolates, coffee, wine, and handbags. After watching this handbag, I feel like the maker of this bags gives me an amazing gift.

The details of this WINE DISPENSES HANDBAG

The Portovino wine bag looks like the usual leather bag you use on the daily basis from the outside but from inside this handbag carries a ‘party pouch’. This party pouch can easily hold 2 bottles of wine in zipper packet which is insulated. You can also carry the stuff of yours which you normally keep in your handbag. It’s awesome and available only in $74.95.

Now let’s see how the party pouch can be filled-

The wine Dispenses Handbag

At the bottle corner a “party pouch” have the spout from where you can dispense your wine. After the feeling the party pouch, this can be kept in the insulated pocket which is in the bag.

The insulated zipper pocket will keep your party pouch for messing up. After keeping that party pouch in the zipper pocket. This is all set for enjoying the wine with your friends anywhere you want.


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