The Epic collection of Instant Cameras 2017

Capturing picture for keeping the moments always alive is like reliving that moment when ever you missed it. Clicking the picture with our loved once now also become a trend. We used to click the random picture while travelling for making it more thrilled. So this means a camera needs everywhere for making sweet memories.

Instant cameras are the best option for making your all moments special. Here is some epic collection of the instant cameras 2017, which will definitely make your day.

Instant cameras 2017-

This list of instant camera 2017 will give you the awesome experience all the time you want to capture your favourite moment.

Polaroid 600 one-step –

“Looks different works different.”

This instant camera looks great and the pictures you click from this camera will be awesome and added a good collection of pictures of your memories. Polaroid 600 one-step gives the best quality of pictures.

A camera with the close-up features. The range flash of this camera is 2 to 10-foot range. It will automatically flash in this range. Also, have a selectable lens which can set for the 2 to 4 feet range.


  • Instantly gives the clear picture of your click
  • Automatic flash feature which built-in
  • Focus it by selecting the place this is a focus-free

Fuji SQ 10 –

“Instant Beautiful Fun”

This camera gives you the instant beautiful fun with it instant pictures. The creative and stylish photo size looks great. The hybrid feature of this camera is the more interesting factor of this camera. You can print your picture anytime and also many times. In-build memory for saving pictures is the one great advantage and reason of having this instant camera.


  • Square Format of the Picture- This camera gives you the square photo with the 1:1 aspects. actual size Full film size: 86 x 72mm. Screen size: 62 x 62mm

  • Double Exposure- You can combine two pictures in a single capture. This double exposure feature gives you this opportunity, the two shutters of the camera go off and then you can combine to pictures in a single picture.

  • Left and Right double shutter buttons- These double shutter buttons will help you to combine the images. After capturing the picture the shutter will automatically go on.

Here are some more handy feature of this instant camera-

  • Rechargeable battery
  • In internal memory save up to 50 photos and for more, you can use micro SD card.
  • Date selection feature can help to manage picture according to their date of capturing

Polaroid snap touch-

“Snap,Print & Share”

Polaroid snap touch camera comes with the features of instant sharing with the app driven connectivity or with Bluetooth. This instant camera added on more instant sharing feature which is a plus point of the camera.


  • 13 Mega pixel camera
  • Micro SD Storage up to 128 GB
  • Zink Zero technology for printing the pictures
  • Selfie mirror
  • Timer for the correct click
  • Option to print the picture with the Polaroid classic border logo
  • 1080Px Full HD quality video recording feature
  • 3 color modes: black & white, color and vintage sepia
  • 3.5 LCD touchscreen

Leica Sofort –

“Designed For Legends”

A camera with its awesome look. Used by the legends. The picture captured by this instant camera has a good quality. This is the style which perfectly suits your style.


  • Selfie mirror which is rectangular in shape
  • Good manual control, you can set the brightness, toggle the flash and can change the focusing distance.
  • 100-exposure battery life
  • Optical viewfinder
  • Shutter for handling your combine capture

Fujifilm Instax mini 9 –

” Sweet Capture”

An instant camera with it awesome look will give you the best experience of photography. This instant camera comes with the 5 colors.


  • Selfie mirror- A mirror in the front of the camera is given for the selfie. You can check your framing by taking the selfie. This mirror is at the next to the lens.

  • Take a close-up- In this camera, a close-up lens is also attached watch ranges up to 35 cm.

  • High key-mode- In this Instax mini 9 lots of key modes are present. You can set the brightness and can click the good pictures.

This all the epic collection of the instant cameras 2017. These instant cameras 2017 are the best photography cameras in 2017. For more updates stay tuned with us!

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