Record All Your iPhone Calls with this Device

Tech News Today – Recording calls on an iPhone is not simple at all. For recording calls, there is a paid app or you can record using the another recorder which is not easy. A device helps to solve your this problem. This device is made by PHOTO FAST which is named as the call recorder adapter. Record All Your iPhone Calls with this PHOTO FAST new device.

The call recorder plugs into the lightning port on the iPhone. The call recorder device can record all your calls made on the device of services like Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and WeChat. The format of the recorded calls is .m4a format and you can save the files on your local device or in Micro SD card also.

Watch this device which will Record All Your iPhone Calls

For the incoming call, there is a round button, by pressing this button you can easily record your calls. More on this device is a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which doubles the profit of this call recording adapter.

This PHOTO FAST calls recorder available with the IndieGoGo’s product at the marketplace. The price of this device is $125 and the delivery duration is one to two weeks. With this device don’t need to do any struggle simple connectivity with your iPhone and keep all the call records in your device.

Front side connection port of this device- This port plugs in the iPhone and give you a simple connectivity option. Set the connection and record calls from all the services either your incoming or outgoing call or the call come from any social media service not to worry this small device record all calls for you.

record all your call on an iPhone

Take a look at the connection ports back side of this device – The round port is for the headphone and the another is for inserting your SD card for saving the recorded call. This small device works big for you.

record all your call on an iPhone

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