Google Map Show What time is good to go at your Destination

Tech News Today – Google map comes with new updates on daily basis, but this doesn’t come with any major change in users experiences. But this time, Google map’s new feature makes some differences. This Map now tell you which route is busy and at what time is good to go from that root for reaching your destination.

The map shows the traffic time bar graph when you enter your destination to reach and click on the input directions.

This graph will show on the top of the directions. This graph is shown by using the Android Police. This feature gives you the live information. The graph time which shows you are just the time which is calculated before half an hour ago or a few hours ago only. The three colours of bars green, yellow and red shown according to the traffic amount.

Take a look at that time bar graph of google map how its look like

google map time bar

This green bar shows you that at that time the route you are searching is free and you can travel easily at that root for your selected destination. The change in that graph will appear to live so make sure that your version of google map updated version which is traffic king.

google map time bar

The Yellow bar shows that this route has tolls. You have to stop at some points. This route is not very clear the amount of traffic is so-so. There is also a Red bar which shows also the traffic amount for you.

We can’t say the precision is exactly true because this depends on the traffic which is live. But at some points, this new feature in google map with definitely helps you to save your travel time. This google map new feature is available on the Android phones and used the Android police where all the android updates collected.

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