Facebook Camera Giving its own Animated GIF Image Option

Tech News Today – Facebook Camera now giving an option for making its own Animated GIF Image in IOS. Users of Facebook can share small GIFs by making with the Facebook camera. Facebook last month tested this option by putting it in the comment section.

Animated GIF Images now used everywhere and becomes as important as the emojis.  Facebook gradually updating its features and this feature will really good for the users. This feature will make communication more interesting. For making GIFs facebook giving an option of GIF on the top of the Facebook camera’s screen.

Option of creating Animated GIF Image in Facebook Camera

Animated GIF Image


This new Feature of Facebook discovered by the Next Web’s Director of Social Media Matt Navarra, who reported seeing a new GIF option on the top of the Facebook camera. This feature only for IOS user as of now, not found in the Android phones Facebook cameras.

This option comes when you swipe left to open the Facebook camera, the time of this GIFs is small as the GIFs known to be. After capturing the GIF this saves in your device and shared on your profile wall or as the Facebook story.

Last month Facebook introduces the GIF option in the comment section, On the occasion of the GIF Format’s 30th Birthday. You can share GIF also on the Facebook Messenger and Facebook owned WhatsApp. This will help to express what you want to say to your friends in a creative way. Which sounds so cool.

This Facebook GIF Option will give communication a new way, expressing your saying in a creative way makes it more special. Use this new feature for talking with your friends also.

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