Apple’s Clips App Added Disney and Pixar Characters

Tech New Today – Apple adding few new features to its app Clips. Apple realises this update yesterday on 20th July. The main feature of this update is, let you add Disney and Pixar characters in your small video. There are more other Features like there is the button, by clicking on that button a “Live Title” transcription added to your small video or in the picture.


About the Apple’s Clips app

The clips app of the Apple introduced in March this year. So, for sure this app is not at the top of the Apple’s app store download list. These few changes in this app make it more interesting and this is native of the iMovie. This is a new way of editing videos in the iPhones.

Apple's clips app new features

You can use this later also after shooting the video, add the stickers in all the poses and stitch it together. This app update of editing characters is standalone, not attached to any social media platform, you can download this short video and then share it on Instagram or Facebook and wherever you want to import this short video.

If you haven’t think about downloading this app still, then I must say you have to use this Apple’s clips app. This is an apple app so this is obvious that this is more polished and good to use. This video editing app will also make your video interesting. The feature of Clips app overlays the character of Disney and Pixar in your videos like mickey mouse, Minnie, and more cartoon characters.

Another feature is also interesting, The “Live title” transcript either your are using it when you are recording the video or later while editing, this feature will give the transcript of the video that what is going in the video using the clever AI or something which is added to the software.

The new updates of Apple’s clips app added now for both iPhone and iPod.

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