Apple testing 3-D face Scanning lock for next iPhone

Tech News Today- Apple Inc. Working on Changing the Unlock system of the iPhone. Instead of fingerprint now 3-D face scanning lock system may be used in next iPhone.

This redesigned system of Apple iPhone will launch next Year. Apple testing for the secure access of the Apple device.

For this latest technology trend update, for this 3-D face scanning lock system 3-D sensors will be used. In the testing, the face unlocks feature of the iPhone takes more data points are used then the fingerprint scanner.

These data points make this device more secure than the touch id system Which is launched by the Apple in 2013, In the iPhone 5s for the unlocking the phone and for authenticating payment gateways and logging into the apps.

the apps.

Think Different with Apple

3-D face scanning lock

Apple’s this feature will be the biggest upgrade in the marketplace. Apple launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s focusing on the camera and speed upgrades.

In additional of testing face unlock feature, Apple also testing next-generations iPhone prototypes that include a dedicated chip for processing artificial intelligence tasks and screens that can display content at a higher frame rate.

Bloomberg news reported in April:

“On the Apple device decade anniversary, Apple testing a new glass casing, steel edges and larger display that fits correctly on the smaller body case. The new phone has the glass on the both sides, front and back with the edges curved. Or between front and back glass an stainless steel body is used.”

Apple is also working on new augmented reality capabilities, Bloomberg News reported earlier this year. It’s unclear whether the new 3-D sensor will support AR features, or just focus on the face and eye scanning for security and authentication.

For now, Apple’s public AR work is focused on AR Kit, a software platform for developers to make AR apps for iPhones.

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