Smile to pay KFC’s new payment method

Tech News Today – As the technology making the world more advanced by new inventions, here also in daily routine life it’s effecting more and more. KFC a well-known brand and the favorite place for foodies, testing a new way of paying which is called “smile to pay” in this method a face recognition technique is used to pay the bills.

Smile to pay KFC's new payment method

This smile to pay KFC’s new payment method is launched with the partnership with ALIPAY. This platform is created by the Chinese conglomerate Alibaba. This method is tested in Hangzhou, China in a KFC restaurant. This facial recognition system is that For your ordered food pay with your smiling face in front of the camera.

The company says this facial recognition technology just takes your two seconds for scanning your face with the 3D camera and a “live-ness detection algorithm” to combat fraud.

A video to show Smile to pay KFC’s new payment method process

Customers who want to pay by this new method of the smile to pay, they have to enter their mobile number as the second authentication option of paying and for the security purpose.

Alibaba working on the Face recognition technology from many years.

This isn’t the first time KFC has shown interest in facial-recognition technology, either. Last year, KFC’s Chinese division partnered with Baidu to create new tech-infused “smart restaurants” that used similar technology to scan a customer’s face and make food order suggestions based on their mood, age, and gender.

Wrap up –

This smile to pay KFC’s new payment method sounds good and the customers also liking this payment method. In the future use, this technique looks so easy to pay method like mobile payment method, this is so easy just smile in front of a camera to pay. Select your orders and get the instant bill by smiling.

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