How to Remove Watermarks from photos Google Research

How To – Google research shows that how easy it is for a software to remove watermarks from photos. This is for re-posting the copyright images without any credit on an internet.

how to remove watermark from photos

The research team behind the removal of the watermark from photos was able to train the software to recognize the watermark. The training software will identify the pattern of the watermark and removal process starts. This process of removal watermark after reorganization named “Multi image matting”, separate the watermark’s component from the rest of the image.

See the algorithm how to remove watermarks from photos in this video –

The tool which recognizes the watermarks from the image will identify the image’s watermark by its opacity, structure, and shape or color gradient effect.

Dekel and Rubinstein say the core problem with current photo watermarking processes is the high level of consistency in style. “We show that this consistency can be used to invert the watermarking process — that is, estimate the watermark image and its opacity, and recover the original, watermark-free image underneath,” the duo explain. “This can all be done automatically, without any user intervention or prior information about the watermark, and by only observing watermarked image collections publicly available online.”

“In a nutshell, the reason this works is because removing the randomly-warped watermark from any single image requires to additionally estimate the warp field that was applied to the watermark for that image — a task that is inherently more difficult,” the duo write. “Therefore, even if the watermark pattern can be estimated in the presence of these random perturbations (which by itself is nontrivial), accurately removing it without any visible arti fact is far more challenging.”

This is a part of research which is google doing for the reusing the images which are watermark without any credit and this research will show that this is soon public for using this removal algorithm.

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