“Noise Cancellation headphones” 5 best Headphones For music Freaks

Active Noise-cancelling headphones with fantastic sound are the best ever for the music lovers. These headphones give you the best comfort with their ear cups materials.

Music is the therapy for getting out of the all the stress and with the best headphones, this feel is awesome.

When we will take about the noise cancellation headphones, there are two types: Passive & Active.

Passive noise cancellation means when headphone pressed against your head, the little amount of sound out of the outer world due to the pressure of your ears. This is not a high-tech technology. Some headphone company claims that this is some high-tech technique but in reality, this is only the foam effect which puts some sort of pressure on your ears and outer sound cut out.

Active noise cancellation means some high-tech techniques are used to cancel the outer world sound and this process gives you the filtered high-resolution sound. Microphones used to analyze the sound.

So for listening music without any disturbance active noise cancellation is the best process. The only thing required is that you have to charge it.

There are 5 best noise cancellation headphones:

1. Philips Fidelio NC1
2. Sony MDR-1000X
3. Bose QuietComfort 25
4. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2
5. Bose QuietComfort 35

1. Philips Fidelio NC1 ($299)

With the best high sound resolution this headphone leading in the list. This headphone is with the features high filtered sound with the minus noise and also folding is compact. A sound that takes you in the musical world without disturbance. It’s quality of high-resolution audio reproduce the sound in the purest form. This headphone uses the 4 microphones outside and inside in the cans so this can detect the sound coming from the outer world.

Zero hisses, the hiss is the sound which interrupts you when you wear headphones even the music is not on. So this product also took care of that and modified in a manner that not a hiss interrupt while you are listening to music.

Philips Fidelio NC1 headphone

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2. Sony MDR-1000X ($300)

Sony is known for the high-resolution sound. This headphone makes you feel the music very calmly. This is also an Award winning headphone of noise cancellation. Filter high sensitively and cancel the noise interruption. Tune your music, highly automatic and awarded 5 stars by Hi-Fi. These headphones uses dual noise sensors technology with the external and internal microphones. This filters locked the noise and give you a clear sound.

Sony MDR-1000X headphones

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3. Bose Quiet Comfort 25 ($300)

Headphone on, world off

This headphone with better sound easy to carry. Even this headphones is used in the air travel. The sound of the engine is also canceled out by this.

These headphones specially designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod model. And for Samsung and android devices a version of this headphone is also provided.

Features of this headphone are:

  • powerful sound with the extreme silence.
  • Light weight for your ears.
  • Inline mic and remote are also for you to attend calls in apple device.

These headphones designed with the high-quality material which does not give you discomfort when you wear it. The ear cups are rotated according to your ear fit.

Bose QuietComfort 25

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4. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 ($200)

Experience a good sound with the Plantronics backbeat pro 2 with the wireless freedom. Plantronics back beat pro 2 is the best headphone under $200. It’s feature of noise cancellation give you an experience which you not forget. The noise cancellation process using microphones is the high tech feature of this headphones gives you the true music feel.


  • Active noise canceling according to your surroundings
  • 40 mm drivers with Plantronics signature audio
  • 24 hours of listening and talk time
  • Class 1 Bluetooth®
  • Open-listening mode
  • Multipoint technology
  • Smart sensors
  • 2-way pivot earcup design
  • Compact design for easy travel
  • Intuitive on-ear controls
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Whispered status alerts

Plantronics back beat pro 2

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5. Bose QuietComfort 35 ($458)

With these headphones you will love the music. Look stylish with this stylish earphone. Comfortable and durable material wear 24 hours without any problem.

Take your music anywhere with these wireless headphones. Comfortable ear cups even you wear it 24 hours you don’t feel any discomfort. In these headphones the sound coming from outside measured and then canceled and a sound with high resolution comes.

Bose quiet comfort 35
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