MI Fitness band 2:


  • Long battery life

  • Cheap price

  • Accurate quality

  • Heart Rate Sensor

MI Fitness band is the band which helps us to track basic exercise, sleep patterns and even gives us the third party notifications. The price of this band is only 1999/-  and this is a product with low price and accurate quality. The MI beats the wearable market with the 15.4% market shares. Battery life and Price of this fitness band are best plus points of this product.


The positive overview of MI wearable products is they gave us the quality with low cost. That’s why this brand is beating Samsung and apple in the wearable market and by launching this MI Fitness band Xiaomi taking the more steps to come at the worldwide first position from the second in the wearable market.


The Xiaomi used the OLED display for the MI Fitness band 2. This is a display from which we can see more at a glance. This is a display which is touchpad we can see time, steps and heart rate.


mi fitness band 2 review

The improving factor in the MI Fitness band 2 that

  • The steps and exercise measure accurately by filtering unnecessarily movements.

  •  Count every single heartbeat.

With a build in heart rate-motion sensor, MI band 2 don’t need to switch modes or tell it the stat that we are exercising and running. It adjusts the length and intensity of workouts and measures the heart rate. So keep calm and work toward your fitness.

Battery Life

The battery life of this Fitness band 2 is 20 days and more. This fitness band tested and then this is proven that if you charge this band full so it will last long more than 20 days.


  • This band notify you if you are sitting still for too long. These reminders tell you when it’s time for a walk and a short break.


MI Fitness band 2


  • Calculates your daily run. The small walk is healthy for you if you sync with this MI band. App monitor calculates your steps and also monitor your heart rate.


MI Fitness band 2 review


  • At the night when you go into a deep sleep, the heart rate drops. So this MI fitness band 2 track the sleep pattern and give as the results.


track sleep patterns mi fitness band 2


  • This band gives an alert for the new messages and calls so by getting the alert we are able to pick every call and message. This band notify us by vibration.


calls alert in MI fitness band 2


  • This MI Fitness band 2 is durable and resistant against water splash, sweat, cosmetics and more. So rinse your hands and shower with the band without any worry.


mi fitness band 2


This band is tested to be tougher

test of mi fitness band 2


This is all the detail of the MI FITNESS BAND 2 take a review and then decide to buy it!

















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