Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Save your hours

I must say all Mac users want to use these keyboard shortcuts. The common shortcuts Ctrl+C is for copy and Ctrl+V is for Paste is known by everyone. But their are some more shortcuts which you want to know. These Mac keyboard shortcuts will help to use and your makes your browsing experience with chrome more easier and productive. Stop fumbling your mouse and start using these keyboard shortcuts, which makes you the master of using mac.

mac keyword shortcuts

List of Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Command(⌘) + Space

This shortcut is used to open and search any application in your Mac. This mac keyboard shortcut will help you to save of fumbling the mouse.

Command(⌘) + t

This will helps you to open the new chrome tab in your mac. If you want to open the new chrome tab simply click Command (⌘) + t.

Command(⌘) + w

After working or completing your browsing, if you want to close your tab, just a simple Mac keyboard shortcut use it, Command(⌘) + w.


This keyboard shortcut is used to navigate your chrome window. If you are using multiple tabs at one time so this shortcut will give you some relief of using your mouse again and again for changing the tab.  Use this shortcut and navigate your chrome window easily.

Command(⌘) + 1

This will help you jump at the search bar of the chrome browser. You can easily search your website and more by directly redirecting on the search bar of browser by using this keyboard shortcut.


This will hide all your opened apps, except you are using. This will save you from the distraction of other app while you are using the one.

Command(⌘) + h

This will hide the app on which you are working. Suppose you are working something which you don’t want to show anyone just use Command(⌘) + h and hide if someone see on your desktop.

Command(⌘) + a

If your working and making some code or writing some kind of article which is too big and if you remembered that time that you must have to add 2 or 3 lines in the very beginning, not a big deal just use this keyboard shortcut Command(⌘) + a and this will jump you on the very first line of the page of yours.

Command(⌘) + k

This command will help you to delete the lines after the Cursor. Suppose you are writing something and you realises that these line not to be added so keep your cursor just before the lines you want to delete and use this command all the line deletes which is after your cursor.

These all are some interesting Mac keyboard shortcuts for making users experience better. Use these shortcuts and also share with your friends if you like these.

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