Keep Lithiumcard wallet battery in your pocket like A Credit card

Gadget – A super cool gadget for your smartphones, charge your smart phone anytime and anywhere. Keep this Lithiumcard wallet battery in your wallet and charge your phone whenever you want.

This battery fits in your wallet because this is so slim, the size of this lithiumcard is equal to the 5 credit cards only. This lithiumcard wallet battery is the world’s smallest battery. The aluminum construction of this battery keeps it safe during some rough trips.

In this wallet battery, a microSD card port is also available. This speed of charging of this battery is very fast almost, it charges one percent in one minute.

Lets take a look on this Lithiumcard wallet battery –

If your smart phone getting dead and you are in a situation that you have to contact with someone for that situation this battery works like a boon for yours. So, Now make some space in your wallet for this battery now.

Get one now in $20 , today with the 66% discount, its usual price is $59.99 – Make your life bitter better by this wallet charger.

There is one more discount of additional 15% for you just copy and paste this code while ordering this wallet battery for you – BYESUMMER

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