IFTTT Best Recipes: For Connecting you with the Internet

An introduction of IFTTT best recipes:

Have you ever heard about the magic of handing all your work with a single app?

I must say you have to hear about the app IFTTT-IF THIS THEN THAT & IFTTT best recipes. The IFTTT best recipes are the life hacks for everyone. This is an amazing app with the lots of fun, make your own recipe with the if and then conditions. Hundreds of apps are connected with this single app.

When you familiar with the IFTTT you will use it 100 of times in a day. This an app which automatically runs your activities on the internet. This connects you with the internet.

Before knowing about the recipes of IFTTT let’s get some knowledge of using this app which makes you familiar with this app and you can make the recipes very easily.

List of recipes of IFTTT:


Using social media nowadays is very common for all. People want to get updated on all social media accounts at a time.

Social media lovers will love these IFTTT best recipes applets. These social media recipes help you to stay updated on all your social media accounts time to time.

Here first is TWITTER


Twitter applets help you to manage your tweets and keep you updated with the hashtags and much more features in these applets.

ifttt twitter applets


Now let’s see these twitter applet’s working.

  • You can automatically save in save to pocket extension your liked tweets to read it later whenever you will free.
  • A google spreadsheet of your database will help you to maintain your posted tweets.
  • Synchronise your Facebook and twitter account.
  • Automatically Save tweets in google spreadsheet in which your specific #hashtags are present. which will help you to stay updated.
  • Get notifications whenever your favourite artist tweets about something in which you are interested.
  • Wish all the special occasions very first automatically.
  • Your tweets with specifics hashtags automatically will be shared on Facebook.


Facebook applets used to make you updated socially. Helps you to connect you socially, keep you updated.  And by using these applets you can run your business professionally also.

Ifttt facebook applets

Applets list:

  • birthday Reminder. Send happy birthday messages automatically to your Facebook friends.
  • Whenever someone tags you a picture, it will save in the Dropbox folder.
  • Automatically links to your Facebook post will be shared on the twitter.
  • When it’s 6 AM in the morning create a Good morning for your all friends.


Instagram applets connect you with the insta followers and helps you to promote your business also. These applets connect all social accounts together.

Ifttt instagram applets

Now see the list of applets:

  • Set your phone’s wallpaper with your latest Instagram photo.
  • Update your twitter profile pic with your latest selfie posted on Instagram.
  •  Save your all Instagram on Google drive.


Pinterest is the place where the ideas are cataloged. Lot’s of people pin their ideas and lt’s of people learn from these ideas. So you also have to connect with the pinterest. Connecting automatically with these applets keeps you updated about your interest.

ifttt pinterest applets

Now here are the list of applets:

  • Keep back up off all your pins in your google drive.
  • Automatically share your food and recipe via gmail with your family and friends.
  • Tweet every time whenever you like a pin.
  • Share your specific pin board on your tumblr blog.


Mobile applets used to handle your busy life. If you are busy and not able to attend the calls, these applets will help you and be a good partner of yours in your busy life.

iftttt mobile applets


  • Your phone will automatically un-mute when you reached home from outside.
  • Text your lost phone for 100% volume up.
  • Mute your smartphone when you arrive at your home.
  • When an international space passes over your home then get a notification from the recipe.
  • Get your location instantly to share it with your friends.
  • Turn off mobile data when you get home.


  • Make a google spreadsheet of your call logs.
  • Add reminder to google calendar whenever you missed a call, to call later.
  • Automatically text someone “Important” whenever you call 911. This will help you whenever you are in trouble.
  •  Whenever you miss a call, send a text to the caller saying ” you will call later”.


Music lovers love to listen music anywhere anytime. So, for them their is lots of fun. Get notification first whenever new music launched. Book tickets and go in concert of your favourite artist



ifttt music applets

  • Get an email everyday with a link to the latest google play music free song
  • Quickly add the songs to a spotify playlist.
  • Dim the light when you play music on Echo.
  • Choose your favourite song in your Android music library. Your pizza jam will play when Domino’s Tracker indicates your order is in the oven.
  • If you detect that someone is outside your door turn off the music via harmony.

Here are much more on IFTTT. These IFTTT best recipes are only some important one. Try IFTTT and be social.

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