How to Switch From LastPass to 1Password password Managers

How To-  Password management services securing all the online accounts with a single master passkey. This implementation of Password management a great way to manage all the accounts without forgetting passwords.

LastPass and 1Password applications leading the password management services. Both are best in their way.

1Password VS LastPass

Before switching, you may know about some key differences between both password management services.

Round 1:

LastPass saves all the data on its server and 1Password protects the data locally which is more secure and less susceptible to hackers.

One Password Wins…!!!

Round 2:

1Password offers a unique tool Watchtower that will track the website which you use and notify you if you are hacked. LastPass doesn’t provide any particular tool for tracking.

One Password Wins…!!!

Round 3:

1Password is not free it costs $2.99 per month for the single user and also provides a family plan of $4.99 for five members per month.

LastPass is free; this is the best part of LastPass (In premium plan it offers emergency access, priority tech support, 1GB of encrypted file store and more available for $2 per month.

LastPass wins…!!!

If you can pay this amount per month for securing your data then switch from LastPass to One Password.

How to Switch From LastPass to 1Password

1Password provides you a handy guide of switching from LastPass.

Follow the steps and learn how to switch from LastPass to 1Password 

Retrieve data from LastPass account –

  • Log in to your LastPass account and select the more options.
  • Click on Advanced and then Export.
  • Then log in again for security.
  • All the passwords data in Text field will show you.
  • Select all the data with Ctrl+A and then Copy it.

Now insert retrieved data in 1Password –

  • Create an account on 1Password.
  • Click on the top right corner of the page Your Account Name.
  • Select Import.
  • Select the LassPass and choose your relevant vault.
  • A text field shown on your screen paste all your data in the text field.

For creating an account on 1Password for chrome click here now!

1Password best password manager extension for chrome

Wrap up-

This is the two best password management services and the comparison of these two services. And learn How to Switch From LastPass to 1Password. A step by step guide to turning these accounts.

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