How to Save Web pages as PDF in your iPhone and iPad

How To – Saving the web pages as the PDF for securing it for the future read. iOS 11 makes this easier for us by giving the direct option of Create PDF also gives the option of annotating it with the desired effect. Save web pages as PDF used for the sharing purpose also a good option.

While surfing some of the webpages looks interesting but at that particular time we are not able to read that, so save web pages as PDF is the best option.

Steps to be followed to learn-

How to save web pages as PDF

#STEP 1- Launch Safari in the iOS device

#STEP 2- In next step search about any site and open that web page which you would like to save as PDF.

#STEP 3- Click on the share button which is at the bottom of your iOS device

#Step 4- Then an activity screen shows, from all the activities select the Create PDF option.


#Step 5- While process completed click on DONE.

#Step 6- Tap save file to… for selecting the location

#Step 7- Select your desired location and see your web pages as PDF.

There is one more option which is

How to annotate the saved PDF Files using markup tools of the iPhone and iPad

There is lots of markup tool on the iPhone and iPad which can be used for adding text and draw anything in your PDF.

Steps for annotating the saved PDF-

  • Once the web page saved as PDF tap on the Sketch pen button, which is on the top of the screen.
  • And they head out the PDF where you can add the annotations which you like.

    Wrapping up-

    These some steps of your problems solutions. Hopefully, you would like to read this. Stay tuned with Tech Blook.

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