How to record Android Smartphone Screen

How To – This happens many times that our Parents, some of our relatives and friends ask for their android phones configuration setting. We can solve their problem by setting up the configuration of their smartphones.

But, how can we solve it if they are not at the same place where you are at that time. Recording their problems solution step by step and sending them that video will help them to come out with their configuration setting. There is a free app DU recorder which will help us to record the screen of your android smartphone itself.

Why is DU Recorder best for Android smartphone screen recording?

This app is free, gives the full HD Quality for video recording and ad free app. Most important factor of this app is this app doesn’t have any time limit while recording and also light weight. The guide for how to record android smartphone screen with DU Recorder also shows that this is easy to use app also.

So, Learn How to record Android Smartphone Screen with the DU Recorder-

Step 1: Open the play store and Search the DU Recorder app, Install this app on your Android smartphone.

Step 2: After installing the app open the app, there are lots of such as video, record, camera, and screenshot.  For recording the video click on the video and setting to configure options like video quality, frame etc.

Step 3: Once the setting was done, click on the record and DU Recorder and record all your screen actions with the section the also more option which comes in the notifications widget on the phone.

Step 4: After recording the video there are more options through which you can trim the video, add music images and can also merge the lots of videos together.

Step 5: Share not this screencast with your friends and family directly to solving their problems.

This DU Recorder app for recording your Android smartphone screen and share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with us for more tech news.

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