How to Hide files in Google drive from shared folders

“A step by Step Guide to learn  How to Hide files in Google drive from shared folders”

How To – Google drive used as the document and file store, as well as also safe for keeping the documents either official or personal.

There are one more specific task we can do with the google drive we can share our documents with some specific persons. For securing the some files from the shared folder there are some steps to be followed, which are very helpful for the Google drive users.

Steps of How to hide files in google drive from shared folder

#Step 1:

Open your Google drive and upload the file which you want to hide from your folder’s shared members.

#Step 2:

Now just select that file and right click on the file there is an option in the opened menu which is manage versions, select that option.

#Step 3:

Now an option on your screen which is upload new version, select that option and upload the file which you want to show the other folder shared members.

#Step 4:

Then, Just Rename the file of the current version. Like if you uploaded any .jpg type image as a new version of your file so keep it simple as filename.jpg.

There is one more process to keep your hidden files forever:

By default, by google drive older version of any file stored only for 30 days. For keeping the managed versions of your files, there is a simple step of following.

#Step 1:

Choose manage versions, which will show you both your files.

#Step 2:

Now Their is  three dots option with your file, click on the and them click on the checkbox for keep forever.

Wrap Up-

Google drive is a secure and private place to keep all type of documents. Given trick also gives you to keep your documents even when that folder is shared with anyone else. This trick of “How to Hide files in Google drive from shared folders” will help to work more securely with the google drive.

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