Want live date & time on your Google spreadsheet? Do it now!

google spreadsheet functions to get live date and time

Google spreadsheet one of my favorite tool, for managing all my data. And i would love the way google docs updating and making it good and good to better for all the users.

Also, I think as i like using google spreadsheet, you also like it, isn’t it?

There are lots of hidden features of google spreadsheet which will amaze you. Here I am sharing two cool google spreadsheet functions, which allows to add the current date and time in your spreadsheet.

Well, sometime when I worked on my google spreadsheet, I like to add current time in google spreadsheet.

And if you also want to learn that how to add current time in google spreadsheet. Let me tell you a simple and an interesting way to add the current time in your sheet.

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 Here, two functions for your working sheet:

1. =TEXT(NOW())

=TEXT(NOW()) is a function of google spreadsheet which allows you to shows the current data and time in your spreadsheet. A great function to keep the record of your work.

The best part of this function is, you can set your own format of date and time as you want to see.

Let me show you the plenty of date and time formats and see how you can use it:

  • Try the format current year, month and day, =TEXT( NOW() ; “yyyy-M-d” ) returns 2018-01-22
  • Try the format current time with seconds,=TEXT( NOW() ; “HH:mm:ss” ) returns 14:28:59

  • Try the format current day of the week and the number of the week in a month, =TEXT( NOW() ; “yyyy ‘week’ w” ) returns 2018 week 4

  • Try the format the current time and time zone, =TEXT( NOW() ; “HH:mm z” ) returns 13:24 GMT+00:00

2. =GoogleClock()

okay, let me tell you the above function of google spreadsheet won’t update automatically. You have to update current spreadsheet to update the date and time, so if you are planning to publish that spreadsheet for web that’s not a good one.

For that purpose i have one more function for you, =GoogleClock(). It will automatically worked live for you. Whenever you see the spreadsheet it will update your date and time.

And moreover it will automatically update within 5 minutes if you published that sheet on web.

The format of the function to show date and time is: m/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

Try these functions now from itself:

Wrap up –

Here, I shared two amazing google docs functions and also the way you can use it. You can use these functions to track your work week over week and can analyze your plans with more time management efforts.

If you know more live spreadsheet functions like I shared in this post, your most welcome to comment and share that functions with the audiences.

Stay tuned with Tech Blook for more tech updates, how-tos and more.

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