Google designed an Online Safety game Interland for Children

Google designed an Online safety game for Education kids about the Online hacks. In celebration of Internet safety month, Google released this Online safety game and also classroom curriculum for the kids.

This program of Online safety called “Be Internet Awesome”. The main motive of releasing this game is encouraging people for becoming good Internet citizen and youth will become the digital savvy.

The company selected the stars of YouTube like John Green, an author and popular video blogger, For promoting the game initially. This game will aim kids of Third to fifth grades.

The name of this online safety game is “INTERLAND”. Invites players to roam around four floating island worlds that contain challenges, puzzles, and quizzes which are related to online safety. The game is free and accessible via all major Web browsers.

As the game starts, adventure proceeds, the player has to face challenges like hackers, cyberbullies, and scammers while picking up skills designed to help keep them safe in an increasingly connected world. The graphics of this game is colorful and blocky, Visuals of this game is similar to the game of Microsoft which is very popular Minecraft computer game.

Interland: An Online Safety Game

In the game, there are two worlds. One world, Tower of Treasure, tasks players to outrun a baddie and collect alphabet letters which will form the basis of a strong password. Another world, Mindful Mountain, charges players to ricochet lasers off mirrors to hit certain targets, thereby teaching them to share certain information only with proper designs.

Kerry Gallagher, a digital learning specialist at St. John’s Prep, a private all boy’s school in Danvers, Mass., tested this program with a sixth-grade class. Her 100 student testers told her that they would have preferred learning online safety lessons this way versus traditional schooling methods and that they would absolutely recommend it to their younger siblings, she said.

Gallagher also tested the program with her 8-year-old daughter, a second-grader. “She found it really fun,” Gallagher told Fortune on a call. “She learned what the game intended to teach without her even realizing it.”

“A lot of adults don’t know how to talk to young children about the Internet because it’s so big and daunting,” Gallagher added. “This is a great way to kick that door open and get that conversation going.”

“It gives teachers and parents a way to learn about how to talk with students or children around being the good citizen online,” said Carolyn Sykora, senior director of the standards program at ISTE, which certified the Google-designed program.

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