Gmail gets new update to fight phishing and ransomware and more

Gmail now updated many new features to fight against the phishing email detection with the incredible accuracy. Gmail tighten the security for the businesses also. Google said that thanks to new machine learning technology, Gmail can now block all the spam messages and phishing emails. Gmail keep your mailbox clear from removing the spams and phishing emails, the percentile of the accuracy of this update is 99.9% which is impressive indeed.

Google also said that this Gmail new update have also new built-in defencer against the Ransomware and ‘polymorphic’ malware. This built-in defencer alter itself in a manner to help avoid detection and also claims that the millions of spam emails are now blocked which detects some threat for the user.

In a blog post, Google said: “We classify new threats by combining thousands of spam, malware and ransomware signals with attachment heuristics (emails that could be threats based on signals) and sender signatures (already marked malware).”

G Suite goodies

Business customers used the G Suite goodies which have some extra features for the purpose of their business. This G suite goody includes the ‘early phishing detection’ feature this will detect the suspicious URL’s mail and them first delay the mail till the user allow that mail for receive.

Gmail’s detection model integrate with Google safe browsing machine learning technologies for finding the phishy emails and suspicious URLs.  The G suite goodies are good for the businesses. Gmail constantly adding security features to help businesses stay ahead of potential threats, and are excited to announce new security features for Gmail customers, including early phishing detection using machine learning, click-time warnings for malicious links, unintended external reply warnings and built-in defences against new threats.

Outside of this Gmail new update , some other security advancement is provided by the Gmail:

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