First Southeast Asia Store of Apple in Singapore

Apple opens its first SE Asia store in Singapore on Saturday. This first Southeast Asia store of Apple is located at the affluent Orchard Road and identified easily with that iconic glass facade. According to the US Tech giant, this store will be expected to become the most popular store in the world. This Apple’s store is designed in an iconic way.

Merchandise of this Apple’s store

The Merchandise such as the first floor is designed for the products of Apple like iPhone and Macbook.The centrepiece of this store is the second floor, this looks like a modern town square. This store is the classroom for the customers, where the hands-on session can be arranged for the customer’s participation.

The launch ceremony of this Southeast Asia store of Apple is on Saturday, 27th May. Hundreds of shoppers anticipate in the launch. An AFP reporter observed the thousands of shoppers were there after the doors open.

The first shopper in the queue was Xiang Jiaxin, a 25 year old national working in Macau. He had queued for more than 12 hours overnight. Planned a Singapore holiday, especially for this grand opening of this first Southeast Asia store of Apple.

He told AFP”I am very happy and excited to be part of this. I have participated in the official store openings in Macau, Guangzhou and Nanjing”.

The biggest changes to the Apple store in last 15 years. The company will add conference rooms, updated video screens for their customers and living trees of it’s 100 largest stores. The features trees especially brought from China. These changes were undertaken in San Francisco last year.

All of 500 Apple’s retail store will start “Educational Sessions” that Apple has dubbed “Today at Apple”. These stores will start these sessions soon at the end of the May.

Here are some tweets before this grand opening of the First Southeast Asia store of Apple:

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