Facebook Profile Picture Guard Protection tool

Facebook Profile Picture guard feature will help women for securing their pictures. This profile picture security feature is in a testing mode. The Facebook announced that this feature only launched when the test will be successful.

Facebook says about this new profile protection tool that these tools have been developed by in partnership with Indian safety organizations like Centre for social research, Learning links foundations, Breakthrough and Youth Ki Awaaz and also this gives users more control over their Facebook profile picture and Facebook said: “Help keep them safe Online“.

Now there are some questions to know about this profile picture guard:

What is Facebook profile picture guard?

Facebook profile picture guard

Facebook on Wednesday launched this safety tool, especially for the women. Many women do not prefer to upload their profile picture on Facebook because there are lots of people we save the picture and misuse these pictures. But now there is no option of saving, downloading other profile picture even this tool also protect your Display picture from screenshots. Facebook launched the Facebook profile picture guard for this purpose of protecting picture from misuse.

How to enable this security tool for your profile picture?

Here Facebook providing us  two methods of enabling this protection tool:

Facebook profile picture guard

  • Shield Method-  

    In this method when you open your homepage and click on your profile picture, there is an option of turning on the guard. By enabling this option Facebook creates a shield around your display picture.

  • Design Method- 

    In this method, You can Protect your display picture with the Add design option. In this option, you can protect your profile picture even from the screenshots. This option show your DP in different from the shield method. In this the protected lines show in your DP.

In What Manner it protects your Display Picture?

  • Firstly, It will stop the people for sharing, saving and downloading your DP.
  • Second, Unknown people will not able to save your Display Picture from the misuse.
  • Third, This will show a blue frame around your picture for protection.

This is all about the Facebook Display picture Guard tool. This will protect you from the unknown people misuse your picture. This great tool will be launched soon for your protection.


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