Facebook Messenger Ads should be added or not

Facebook when removed the message feature from its main app, this was not a good experience at all for all, I think. Bout then Facebook messenger uses good stickers and messaging quality which will looks great and everyone accept this as the chat app.

Facebook redesigned the app and Planned to add the ads on the Facebook messengers screen. Facebook said on Tuesday that it was testing advertising on its Messenger app globally as the world’s largest social media company looks to further monetise its popular chat service, which has 1.2 billion monthly users.


Why so Big? 

Facebook messenger ads

 Facebook told these ads are dynamic, this is good but the size of these ads not good to use. The question comes in user’s mind is “Why these ads are so big?” This big ads interrupt the user’s experience.

Facebook messenger ads initially tested this in the Australia and Thailand in January, and decided to use ads on these platforms of Facebook.





Lets Share your review about the Facebook Messenger  ads you ready to watch the ads on this chatting app or not. Click to start and give your opinion about the this ad campaign.

Lets see how the Facebook messenger ads displayed on screen and how it works?

These ads displayed on the home tab of the messenger. Facebook said about the ads display that when the user click on the ads either the user redirected on the website’s landing page or the chat tab with that ad owner opens in the messenger’s screen, where the user can chat with the ad owner directly.

Facebook messenger user can hide the ads but can not permanently removed these ads.

Facebook messenger users 2017

Facebook tells TechCrunch that where these ads appear in the inbox “depends on how many threads a user has, the size of their phone’s physical screen and the pixel density of the display.”

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