FaceBook adds an Order Food Feature

People now not using the Facebook as they used to before. So getting the engagement again Facebook is using the online Order food  feature. The Order Food Here Option will help all the foodies to order food online using Facebook app.

Facebook helps all the users to order their food online without redirecting anywhere. The Facebook providing you, the whole process only at one place. For knowing the nearest locations restaurants user only has to type their location and they get the entire list of nearest restaurants.

The order food option is added by the Facebook to hooked up the user in their app and they have no need to go on other site for further activities. This option only shown for seleted people in US.

This features will be added by Facebook and possible due to it’s partnership with delivery.com and Slice in the US. Tech chrunch gives a report, according to that report the option of ordering food will be shown in the side bar of Facebook. By clicking on the option it will give you all the list of nearest restaurants. Now this selected restaurants on your screen will shown with the menu, price and cuisines and views of the restaurant. By clicking the start order button you will reach at that particular restaurants page. This is show the user is the restaurant open for delivery or not. Then add your address and order your preferred food from the Facebook without switching anywhere.

That Ordering food online option is very easy  to use. Once you ordered the food this will give you the estimate time of delivery with the total amount you have to be paid.

User’s Overview for the Order Food Option added By FaceBook:

According to the users this option will help them to order without redirecting or switching the app. Ride sharing app Uber also launched an food ordering app UberEat but Facebook doesn’t launched another app for this purpose, this will help the Facebook for getting more engagements also.

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