DocuSign Best Electronic Signature App of 2017

Are you not in the mood of Going somewhere for signing an agreement?

But it’s important.

Use the DocuSign best electronic signature app of 2017, for saving you the time of travel only for the sign the documents.

It doesn’t matter How much the documents confidential or important a secure app DocuSign best electronic signature app of 2017,  will securely give you the opportunity to sign the documents and getting the signature from others.

Docusign is also leading in the electronic signature apps.

Key Features of the DocuSign e-signature app-

1.Gmail Add-on for sign directly from Gmail

DocuSign Best Electronic Signature App of 2017

Gmail Add-on of DocuSign helps to sign documents or agreements directly from the Gmail, without leaving the Gmail inbox.

After adding this DocuSign add-on in Gmail, a hover shows over the attachment.

Sign the documents without any extra efforts, signed document automatically attached to the original document and email is ready to send back after the sign.

The best part is signed email automatically sent to the email sender. You can request other also for the sign.

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2. DocuSign Chrome extension for sign

DocuSign Best Electronic Signature App of 2017

This E-signature powerful tool turns your chrome browser as a signature tool. A chrome extension of this app used for the signature within a single click.

After the launch of this extension sign with a single click and send it directly from your browser anywhere.

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3. Real-time status Update

Real-time status update feature helps to sign the documents on time. Document status of the received and sent email for sign notify by the app immediately.

No delay and no waiting with this app. Sign immediately and send it automatically.

4. Unlimited signing

This E-signature app is free to use. Sign unlimited documents anytime and anywhere.  If you need others to sign the documents the first three signs are free.

5. Access your account from any device

You can access your e-signature add-on from any device by your Gmail account. It supports all the devices fairly.

Wrap up-

DocuSign Best Electronic Signature App of 2017, with a secure way to sign the documents anytime and from anywhere. This app is leading in the E-signature industry. This is also simple to use with the few clicks you will able to sign the documents.

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