Disney World’s New Avatar Pandora An Animal Kingdom

 Let’s read something for fun. Today I’ll show the Disney world new Avatar Pandora.

An Attractive theme of the Disney world new Avatar Pandora, World of Avatar in the Animal Kingdom. This theme will bring fantasy to life.

Take a thrilling experience of Walt Disney land. Be Brave, and that will make you feel everything there.

Cameron’s lightstrom Entertainment paired with Disney’s Imaginary to design the Valley of Mo’ara on Pandora. This Animal Kingdom part of Disney Recently opened in the five-hectare “Walk-through attraction” which is inspired by the 2009 blockbuster movie Avatar by Canadian James Cameron.

The Spectacular Floating Mountain are all around. The land took six years for completing this dream place of Cameron and definitely, you can physically feel this place. OK, I think you are thinking of Visiting this place. But the question coming in your mind is “Have to watch all the four seasons of Avatar to visit this place?” the simple answer is a big “No”. You will enjoy this place as same as you enjoy after watching this movie.

Now let’s have a Small Preview before you decide to go.

Pandora An Animal Kingdom

You will enter in this place by walking across a bridge. I am sure when you enter in this place, You will going to feel like you are leaving the earth, entering a new world. The sound of the music for your welcome is there for you. With this music the sound of birds, strange animals sound are also there.

Then comes a Spectacular floating mountain, which will the of attraction. You will definitely stop there for looking this floating mountain. Stop and stare moments will start from here. Pathways, Waterfalls, Bridges, streams and plants all are colourful and show you the beauty of that place.

Why the Animal Kingdom location? Tim Warzencha, Disney senior project manager, says Pandora’s messages of conversation and respect for the fiction Na’vi dovetails with Animal Kingdom’s environment-stewardship themes.

Now see the Night view. At night, Pandora becomes a gorgeously glowing bio luminescent landscape.

disney pandora

At night Pandora glowing as the Bio Luminescent Landscape

There is also a “Dark” boat ride for the visitors who are not stuck at night. Elevated by excellently animated fantasy creatures that react with the visitors and the showpiece Na’vi Shaman of songs, whose haunting vocals and animatronics realism are the best part of the gentle musical journey.

Disney pandora

“Dark” Boat Ride

What else in Pandora?

  • The satu’li canteen according to the reviews of the people visited there they said “This canteen serve extremely healthy and tasty food for you.”

disney plandora

Grab Some Food with Fun in Satu’li Canteen

  • At the windtranders store, have an Avatar action figure customized with your features for $75 or “adopt” a colourful banshee toy for $49.95. The critter perches on your shoulder while a hand controller can be used to flap its’ wings or tilt his head. Elfin Na’vi ears ($24.99) are sure to be this summer’s mickey mouse replacement.

Disney pandora

Windtrander Store(Banshee Toy)

So, Go Pandora the Animal Kingdom and Have Fun!!

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