Digital Sneakers display any design your heart desires

Shiftwear launched the digital sneakers, which will display the design which your heart desires. In these sneakers, the design can be changed with your smartphones.

Now you don’t need to change shoes for changing your style, just power your digital shoes with your smart phone and keep the design whatever you like. You can also select the video for your digital sneakers. The moving display looks great when you go out with your digital shoes.

How to Change the design of these digital sneakers –

  • Add a powerful smartphone app for changing your display design.
  • Connect your digital shoes with your smartphone via Wi-Fi.
  • Select any image or video and just tap to make it your shoes design.

Features of these Shiftwear digital sneakers  –

  • Display design- Simply select your image or video in your smartphone and tap it to show this design on your sneaker’s display.
  • Schedule your display design- You can make a playlist of your favourite designs and set the timer that which design display for how much time.
  • Flexible display- You can choose any colour or design for your shoes, the display is flexible according to your choice.
  • Custom colour options- The colours are customs, which make each pair looks unique and different.
  • Waterproof- You can go anywhere with these shoes, this is wireless.

Watch the Future of Footwear in this video of swiftwear digital sneakers –

Charging Process of these digital shoes –

  • Walk to charge- Keep walking for charging these shoes. These swiftwear digital sneakers are without any wire, so no need to keep it on charge, just take a walk and your shoes are ready to show the design which your heart desires.
  • Charging Pad- If you don’t want to walk, there is also an another way of charging your shoes.  Place your shoes on charging pad and there is also no need to plug in.

This is all about the Future of the Footwear. Stay tuned with us for stay updated more future inventions.

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