Dancing Hotdog Filter On snapchat Going viral

Tech News Today – SnapChat new meme Dancing hotdog. This is the new filter which is going viral more because of its dancing feature. This dancing hotdog filter is amazing.

This dancing hotdog lens are very funny and interesting. This new meme of snapchat going to be viral like the Pokemon go. This filter is an augmented reality filter.

The users of snapchat started posting using this filter in different places. You can find this option by opening your snapchat app camera and by tapping on the screen until the option of choosing filter will appears.

This dancing hot dog mene is the filter now which is used while a video is recorded, moved around the screen and looks bigger and smaller on the screens also.

See some interesting tweets which is snapchat users are twitting with this new meme-

Someone take away his dancing hotdog. 

This poster shows that How viral dancing hotdog filter is going. Someone put this for searching his Hotdog.

SnapChat launching filters on the daily basis, they all for the users faces and world places but this dancing meme makes the good record. The dancing meme going viral due to its augmented reality. Snapchat used AR for showing this mene on the usual places.

Before this filter snapchat launched the new feature which is know as the snap map. This snap map helps you to connect with the world. Using this snap map you can find any location easily.

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