Bose headphone QC 35s with Google Assistant Officially Announced

Gadget – Google and Bose announced this officially on 21st Sept 2017 the launch of the Bose headphone QC 35s with Google Assistant. This the combo of the noise cancellation sound and google assistance.

Bose headphone QC 35s with Google AssistantBose headphone QC 35s with Google Assistant

Learn How to setup the Bose headphone QC 35s with Google assistant –

There is a button on the headphones that triggers the Google assistant. According to the Google, this Bose QC 35c ll headphone setup is very simple, just simply connect the headphones with your device’s Bluetooth and after a connection is a simple setup which you have to be followed to set up which is built-in in Google Assistant app either for Android phone or for iPhone.

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Once the setup was done, Press the button for the Google assistant which is on the right ear cup to trigger.

Google says about this that this assistant can do most of the things which are done by your Phones like read messages, call the people, play the music for you and also plays the news. But this is slightly different from the Google home. The capabilities of this headphone differ.

The Bose headphones using the Google assistant which are providing many comforts for using the iPhone and Android phone for most of the processing and connectivity of networks. The local processing of the headphones limited to function like instant voice input and notifications.

Bose also says about this headphone’s triggered button that “This button also available for the noise cancellation control which is also available in the Bose app. Keep it High, Low or Off.”

They’ll be released in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK. They should be available today for $349.95.

Wrap up –

This is about the new combo of Bose headphones and Google assistant which will give more fun with music. Using these headphones helps to operate your smartphone simply through the headphones. Connect your iPhone or Android phone with this headphone and operate with the trigger.

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