BMW mini electric version car design new look for old classic

Tech News Today – Mini is launching a fully electric car concept with its next mini car. In July the German car-makers of BMW confirmed that Full-Electric version of the three doors mini car will go into for production its Cowley plant in Oxford in 2019.

“The new Mini Electric concept is instantly recognizable from the front by its hexagonal radiator grille and circular headlights,” says BMW. The new Mini Electric will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show next month. BMW says it will have “a powerful electric motor”.

BMW mini full electric car concept was revealed in IAA cars 2017 event which is organized in Munich. According to the company, this small car is designed for the city use only.

This car comes on the road in 2019. This concept is launched mass in the market but the concept of EV is not new for the brand. In 2008 the car-makers made E Make which is a limited run test vehicle. The number of customers drove the this E Make car for 1 year is around 600. This data is collected for the making of i3 and now BMW parent of Mini is making the fully electric car with the releasing BMW Mini electric version car.

Look this BMW mini electric version car design in video-

This EV car of the BMW Mini competes with the Tesla and GM which are already in this full electric version car race. BMW’s this concept is a new design for the old classic. In the event, pricing is not disclosed but the main points of this EV cars discussed in details like the battery size of the car and the estimated range out of the launch materials and focusing instead on the car’s aesthetic flourishes.

Wrap Up-

This is the car which used in the Future as the super car which has a good battery size and also made with the good material no doubt because it is BMW. Waiting for 2019, when this car runs on the road and looks a classy design with BMW Mini electric version car.

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