Best Home Security Cameras of 2017

Keep an eye on your home even when you are not at home by these best home security and IP based cameras. With the best home security cameras of 2017 you can make your home more secure.

Nowadays the best part of the Smart homes is you can view all the activities happening in your home when you are not there. Take care of your family, kids, and home by using the best IP Cameras.

Here with the list of best home security cameras of 2017, some important points of using these cameras also mentioned.

Before the list lets discuss the points of these cameras:

Resolution of Camera: The resolution of the camera is the most important factor, 1080p resolution camera gives the clear view even with the zoom. Every home security camera comes with the digital view feature but for clear zoom view, the quality of the camera 1080p shows the clear view of all the activities happening.

Placement of the Camera: The another point in your home which area you select to keep an eye on that. You need to be choosy for selecting the area of the security camera. Because the right placement of the camera gives the proper view of your selected area.

Connectivity of Cameras: Most of the cameras connected with the Wi-Fi and some are with Bluetooth for the local use. While others incorporate separate home automation networking standards to interact with other devices, like ZigBee or Z-Wave. For most cameras, all you need to do is follow instructions on an app to connect them to your home network. Once the device is connected you can access it from your phone and tablet.

Cloud Storage: For keeping the recorded clips the cameras use the cloud storage and some cameras give the micro SD card options for keeping the recorded clips secure. Some cameras have only 24 hours cloud storage and they keep only last 24 hours recording.

Now the List of Best home security cameras of 2017 :

1. Netatmo Presence –

An outdoor security camera with the best motion detection feature. The floodlight is used for the motion detection. The camera quality of this is 1080p, which is best also in the zoomed view. This camera has the feature of event triggered recording and also the have the local storage. Only the challenging task of using this security camera is the installation process of this is tricky for some users.


  • Video quality 1080p
  • Best motion detection differentiate the motion of human, animal, and car
  • Event triggered recording


  • Expensive
  • Installation is tricky
  • One-way audio

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2. Logitech Circle 2 –

This camera is small in size, you can mount it anywhere in the room. A circle shaped security camera can use for the general purpose. a wire free camera with the video quality 1080p. You can also keep it anywhere if you don’t want to mount it on the wall. This camera is used for the indoor and outdoor also. This camera has the feature of smart alert, this notifies you when some unusual motion happens at your home.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Video quality 1080p
  • Indoor and Outdoor usability
  • Small in Size
  • Night vision available
  • 180 Degree view angle
  • Smart alerts


  • Face recognition feature has some extra charges

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3. Nest Cam Outdoor –

The made for outdoor security camera gives you the best view with the proper placement. The field of view of this camera is 130 degree. The video quality is 1080p with the 3-megapixel camera. With its creepy nigh vision view gives you the best view of your home, you can see what’s happening outside of your home anytime and from anywhere.


  • Video quality 1080p
  • 130 Degree view angle
  • Good motion detection feature
  • Creepy night vision
  • Easy to Install
  • Waterproof
  • 8X digital zoom


  • Needed strong internet connection
  • Subscription plans are expensive

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4. Netgear Arlo Pro –

This Camera has the sharp HD video quality. This is designed for the outdoors and gives the best view. Provides the cloud storage which will help you to see recording later. Easy installation process makes this more good to use. Motion detection feature perfectly works and notify you when detects some kind of motion.


  • Best HD Quality videos
  • Free Cloud storage
  • Easy installation
  • Support IFTTT
  • Motion detection feature
  • Waterproof
  • Event and sound triggered feature
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Expensive
  • Needed a Hub for installation

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5. Nest Cam IQ –

Best Home Security Cameras of 2017The best camera is known for the facial recognition feature. With the 12X times digital zoom this camera shows you the best view of outdoor. With the best video quality of 1080p, this camera is best for your home’s security.


  • Support IFTTT
  • Hd video quality
  • 12X digital zoom
  • Keeps 10 Days recording


  • Expensive
  • Heavily reliant on a Nest Aware subscription


Wrap up –

These 5 best home security cameras of 2017 , with there best video quality helps you to keep an eye in your home when you are not at home. Secure you home from outside and inside with these easy set up cameras.

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