Amazon’s First Book Store at New York City

Amazon’s First Book Store looks like a traditional book store. This Amazon store opened in New York City, For selling the books which are high-rated and the most of the customers browse that book for buying. This store also carrier some tech products of amazon like Echo dot and Kindle for shoppers. These products displayed for the trial, the shoppers can try and then buy these products if they like it after trial.

The Vice President of Amazon Books Jennifer Cast said ” You don’t run a marathon before you run a 5K. We wanted some time to learn and we also really wanted the right spot.”

Let’s know something about the Amazon’s First Book Store:

  • The books in the store are face outwards, So the customers can easily recognise the books and the covers of all the books can be visible for shoppers. Each book display the number of stars which are received on and reviews can also displayed.
  • The price is not listed their. Because it varies if you are a amazon prime member. If you are a prime member you can get the price by scanning the cover of the book. The Prime membership cost $99 per year and the non prime member have to pay the price in the list.
  • To get the Prime pricing when you buy any book, the employee at checkout scans a QR code in the Prime app. You can them pay from your Prime member account or pay with a credit card — The Amazon’s First book store doesn’t accept cash.

When a question asked with the Jennifer cast ” Is this Book store is a mechanism to convert the more customers in the Amazon prime subscriber ?” She deflects the question. 

She said “Our main purpose is to help people discover great books. It’s that simple,” she said, adding that it is “certainly great” if customers want to take advantage of Prime’s discounted pricing.

The amazon is planning six more stores in the end of this year. The second store planned in Manhattan.

One more question cast answered is :

So, can Amazon Books succeed where others have not? “We sure hope so,” said Cast, noting that the goal is to bring customers a new way of shopping. “We have 20 years of experience delighting people online.” 

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