Amazon Prime Wardrobe Now “Try and then Buy”

Amazon now allowing their prime members can try cloths before buying. This new update of Amazon for prime member is expected one more biggest lead for amazon. Amazon prime wardrobe the new program for prime members.

The biggest problem of online clothes buying is the issue of size so Amazon takes an step forward towards their customers care. With the service you can order 3 to 15 clothes at a time without buying them.


Then Take trial and keep the clothes which fits for you and pay for them. This amazon Prime wardrobe will give you a good chance to buy online clothes eliminating the risk of fit. On Tuesday 20th June 2017 Amazon revealed its new program of Amazon Prime wardrobe.

This wardrobe will give you the best fit clothes to buy. This Wardrobe program is for prime member of amazon.

Amazon prime wardrobe

The prime members of amazon are getting fast delivery service, prime videos and also so extra benefits of purchase only in $99 per year. Now this prime wardrobe also give them the best benefit. The date of releasing this new program is still not announced.

The prediction of the success this program in not sure but this will make a change in online shopping apparel market.

Earlier this year amazon gives their customers free shipping on buying clothing. This free shipping and returning policy also profitable for any online retailer.

With the prime wardrobe amazon launching really a good program for prime members. The retailer will cut 10 percent off the purchase price of an order for anyone who keeps three to four items, and 20 percent off for anyone who keeps five or more items.

The online clothing process is now “Try & Buy”. The customer have to pay $20 “styling fee” which is non-refundable fess for this new program of home-try service. Amazon wardrobe gives seven day return policy for the clothes. Through which they receive personalized clothing recommendations. This free for the clothing credit which customers buy.

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