Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa with the price $20

The Amazon now with its new magical device, Amazon Dash wand available with Alexa. This device will cost $20. This will control your smart home devices with your voice. The more extra features added in this wand is this will order food for your by scanning their bar codes and will give provide you the recipes.

This dash wand is battery powered voice controlled and grocery scanner.


Setting up Amazon Dash wand with the Alexa

Its not a very hard process, Insert two AAA batteries in Dash wand and keep the button down until it will show the pairing mode. Then connect the wand with your Amazon Alexa app and also with the wi-fi connection.

The Amazon Dash wand is successful device- with it’s easy to use process. The price of this device is also moderate $20. And Amazon also providing 3 months credit of shopping from the amazon fresh (Usually 15$ per month).

 The Features of this Amazon Dash wand from the Official Product Page

  • The Amazon Dash wand will help to find kitchen recipes, a guide to your Cooking.
  • Helps to find nearby Stores.
  • Purchase this device of $20 and get back $20 after registering in this device.
  • Say anything you want to buy or scan that products this will add to your cart.
  • The design is durable and water resistant.
  • With its magnetic throwback feature you can stick this on your fridge.
  • Buy home essentials anytime and reorder the old purchases.
  • The scanner can scan the product’s bar code and added the product to Shopping cart.

While testing the Amazon Dash wand the results are very positive. This device is very easy to set up and the work of this product is undoubted. This is also a good kitchen assistant with the smart home controller device. 

So buy this All-New Amazon Dash Wand with the exciting offer of getting $20 back and also the credit provided for 3 months.

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