Airselfie Camera : Get a new perspective

Are you a selfie expert?

No, then become selfie expert with the airselfie camera of Kickstarter.

I would love to share my experience of taking air selfie with Air selfie drone. A portable flying camera takes my pictures from the air.

Love the angle of this drone camera. Now I would like to share the details that How it works with you by my personal experience.

Come let’s use the world’s smallest portable flying camera and become a selfie expert.

Let’s see the steps that How Airselfie camera works?

Step 1:

Take your airselfie camera out of its cover and connect it from your phone with the airselfie app which is available for both Android and iOS.

Step 2:

Now your device is ready to fly. Here in App, 3 modes are available to control your device:

I. Selfie mode: This mode is easy to control, only two directional buttons are there to make it close to you and far from you.

II. Selfie motion control mode: Control the device with the virtual joystick provided in the mobile app in real-time. 

III. Flying mode: In this mode the device holds horizonally with a classic controller. A hovering function is available which helps to found the perfect position for the shot and then the device stays still.

Airselfie Camera

Step 3:

After taking the selfie to recharge it place it into it’s case, after landing it on your open hand.

Airselfie Camera

Step 4:

The taken pics can be immediately downloaded by using your Wi-Fi.

Wrap Up –

Still thinking that Why airselfie drone ? Fit all your group member in a single selfie without streching your hnd which hurts. Take the exact shot you want to take with this selfie expert camera now.

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