7 Things in Gmail Which you love to Use

Gmail is a place where lots of features to use. Send professional emails, Hangout with your friends by connecting with your friends and more. All the official messages are sent on Gmail.

When I use Gmail it has been awesome to use some good and useful features. These features helped me to connect with my friends and also helped me at my workplace.

7 things in Gmail, I used which I want to share with you to learn more about the Gmail access.


“The average interaction worker spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing e-mail” According to the McKinsey Institute. They said emails are everything.

1. Pause your Inbox

Sometimes when we are working and your inbox is full of unread emails and these numbers increases continuously which is distracting in your work.


So, I have a good option for you pause your inbox until you want. For this inbox pause google’s chrome web store providing a Google Chrome extension which is named Inbox Pause use this extension for pausing your inbox.

2. Undo your Send mail Last minute for editing

Sometimes, I do some mistakes while writing official Emails and I realize this mistake after sending the Email. That situation is very uncomfortable. But more We have an option of Undo send emails last minute for editing.

This option saves you from the uncomfortable situations. You can find this option in a General setting of Gmail.


Go to Gmail Setting >> General, solve your biggest problem.

3. Get the Gmail Delivery Notification

When we use WhatsApp get the delivery notification like this-

In Facebook Messenger, The delivery notification shows like this-

For Gmail notification use the Sidekick app, which is freemium app. You can get those features too in Gmail-

If you are want to know whether your email received by the Receiver and whether he read your email use this app. This we notify you like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

4. Go Offline on Gmail

Google Chrome gives us an Extension for using Gmail Offline. Go offline search the emails, respond for them and also archived without any network access, I love to us this extension for creatively worked on Gmail.

5. Use Canned Response For saving your time of Writing

The most number of sent emails in our sent box have almost the same content. Typing the same content again is time-consuming. So, For your time crafting use the Canned response.

Use the canned response for saving long messages for future use. To enable the Canned response to follow these steps-

Gmail>>Setting>>Labs>>Canned Response

6. Mute a Group Email

If you are a part of an email group which is not so important for you so except letting the group uses the Mute option. SO you can rejoin this group later by unmuting this if some important and related information is there for you. For finding mute groups just search mute in the search bar.

7. Clear your Gmail inbox

Use Unroll.me and save your Inbox from the junk emails. This site will give you the list of subscribed junk sites and emails, Unsubscribe from the Junks and keep it clear.

I love to use these 7 things in Gmail. This makes my Gmail access easy and Interesting. You also use this stuff to make it easy.

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