5 hidden features of the Google Chrome Browser

Google chrome A leading browser used since 2nd September 2008. This browser is the easiest to use and also provides the best chrome extensions for making its access easier and browsing fast.

From the last 9 years people are using this browser but 5 hidden features of the Google Chrome which are less known by the users. These features are easy to use and also helps to make browsing easy.

5 hidden features of the Google Chrome

Now read about these 5 hidden features of the Google Chrome:

1. Drag multiple tabs –

Dragging a single tab in google chrome is smooth and used by almost all the users. But only a few people know how to drag multiple tabs in Google Chrome. You can drag more than one tabs in your Google Chrome browser.

How to Drag multiple tabs :

  • Long Press Ctrl key and select all the tabs you want to drag. (If using Mac then press command)
  • Then move them as one and place them wherever you wish.

2. Get all accidentally closed tabs open at once –

Chrome is a browser that provides all the features for saving your time and your work by giving advanced browsing features. We all sometimes mistaken closed the tabs on which we are working, Google chrome provides the functionality to open accidentally closed tabs at once.

How to open closed tabs at once :

  • Right-click on the new open tab
  • Select the option “Reopen closed tab.”

Alternative of this is simply ctrl+shift+T (for Mac command+shift+T)

3. Drag the URL for bookmark –

For bookmarking any website, we use the bookmark sign which is “star” in Google Chrome. This feature is used for getting quick access to any website you like to visit more than one time. So, almost all the users use this bookmark feature.

But, Do you know? Bookmarking a website by only dragging the URL toward than bookmark sign.

NO, then try this trick now for bookmarking your favorite sites in a new way.

4. Incognito mode –

This mode in Google Chrome used by very few peoples. The best part of using this mode is “Your browsing history doesn’t track by the browser also this mode doesn’t store the cookie in your browser.” This mode can be used when you don’t want to be tracked what you are searching.

5. Omnibox –

A person can be searched by the many websites without visiting a single site, this is the exact work of the Omnibox. The only requirement for this feature is they should be in the list of search engine.

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Wrap up –

These are the 5 hidden features of the Google Chrome which are really helpful for easy access of the Google chrome. For knowing more these kinds of tips and tricks, getting updated with the tech news stay tuned with Tech Blook.

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