5 Best Android Apps of 2018 Install now

5 best android apps of 2018

Want some new and best android apps for your smartphone?

So, you must try these below mentioned 5 best android apps of 2018. These apps are Verified and free to install from the Play store.

Here the list try these all time useful 5 best android apps of 2018 now- 

1. Authy- 

Authy best android apps of 2018

Authy, An android app which is used to 2-Step verification code of your phone. So, not to worry if someone know your app password even, they need the generated code to access your smartphone’s app.

Try this android app for more security of your smartphone.

Install now!

2. NewPipe-

NewPipe best android apps of 2018

NewPipe, An app for YouTube. Usually if you are working on some other apps, you can’t access the YouTube. But by using NewPipe app you can access YouTube on background.

So, enjoy unlimited music and play your favorite songs back to back without any hassle on your work.

Install now!

3. Notification Launcher: Quickly-

Notification Launcher- Quickly android app, for quick access of frequent used apps. This app help to access your recent used app from the notification bar.

Simply drip down your notification drawer and select the app you want to use.

Install now!

4. WhatTheFont-

WhatTheFont, this app will help you to identify instant Font styles from everywhere you want.

you want to know the font style of some kind magazine, so WhatTheFont is the best option to do so.

Take a snap of the area you want to know the font style and know the font name and also the similar font families.

Install now!

5. Files Go-

Files Go by Google, very useful app for android smartphone users. If you are running out of the space in your Android Phone, so this app is very essential for you.

The app filters and identify your smartphone’s unused apps, duplicate files and other files that running your phone out of the space.

Install now!

Try these 5 best apps in your android smartphone and enjoy!

The more to come on techblook.com stay tuned with for knowing more best app list.

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