2 Gmail Updated tactics which will makes your day

Gmail is giving new updates for the better use. These 2 Gmail updated tactics will help to make the use  easier than before. The emails are saved in PDF in few couple of clicks this will a great option for use. And another is an auto-replying function with will a windfall for the lazy ones. Gmail updated tactics will have more effective to use also.

1.Save your Emails as PDF or Zip with a click

Google Chrome again giving you a great extension of saving emails as PDF. Google chrome extensions  always give us the best for a good browsing experience. Now there is one more new chrome extension for saving the Gmail emails as the PDF in few seconds with some clicks.

2 Gmail Updated tactics

This download option has two types:

  1. Save a single email in the PDF by clicking on the extension tab.
  2. Merge the 2 or more emails in the PDF. Select the emails you want to merge then combined these all emails in a single PDF.

Method of using this google chrome extension

  • Add the extension
  • Insert the extension button on the google tab
  • Open the email you want to convert or select multiple emails
  • Click on the tab of extension
  • Select the place where you want to save your file
  • Save your PDF.

Follow these few steps and save your time of writing the same emails again and again.

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Know more about this Google Chrome extension Save your Emails as PDF-

This extension also convert the received emails and their attachments. Suppose you have an email with the 10 attached images so this extension will inline all the images in the PDF.

Setting up this extension in your Gmail account you have to sign in the cloud HQ account. This will provide your 50 maximum email conversion per month. For more conversion you have to buy the premium. A premium version of this extension gives you unlimited phone and email support and conversions also unlimited only on $49 per year.

2. Gmail’s auto-reply feature perfect for the lazier one

Gmail now giving an option of auto-replying the mails with some pre-formatted mails. Google planned to launch the auto-replying of the mail feature, this feature will scan your emails and generate the replies which best suits for that particular email.

2 Gmail Updated tactics

This new functionality added in the app version of the Gmail. The machine learning technology fetches your emails and generate all the possible reply. This function is good for the lazier ones.

This function of Gmail will save your time when you reply any email by auto suggesting you all the possible replies.

One confusion by Google is created now. When it is planning about the auto-reply function-

This auto reply function fetch all our emails. This is big confusing created by Google. Because Google recently announced that this will not fetch the personal emails for the personalize use of ads display.

Hope! These Gmail Updated tactics will help you to access Gmail in more easier way.

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